Babbington Hall Rescue


Babbington Hall Rescue

Babbington Rescue was established in February 1993 to cater for stray and abandoned dogs. We have a non destruction policy with a current average re-homing rate of over 600 dogs a year. We have found homes for nearly 10,000 dogs, who through no fault of their own have come into our care.

We are continually looking to re-home our dogs, and we invite you to enquire about the animals we have in our care, all of whom are looking for someone to offer them the love and attention they crave.

We are a two generation family run rescue since 2003. Between us we have a business man used to running and owning his own line of shops, a mental health nurse and a dog behaviourist.  Since this time we have built an extra 24 kennels, have knocked down the old run-down kennels and replaced them with more modern kennels as well as building a pet shop/cafe/reception to help raise funds to support the upkeep of the rescue dogs in our care.

We have put all our savings into making the rescue a better place for the dogs, introducing vaccines, micro-chipping and neutering/spaying.

All full time staff our fully qualified in Animal care and some part time staff still studying. All full time staff have been trained via Pride Park Vets to give health checks, vaccines and microchip.

All of our dogs come with full vaccinations including Kennel cough vaccine, a microchip, pet tag, 4 weeks free health insurance, fed, wormed and neutered/spayed. Along with being behaviourally assessed to say whether the dog is suitable with children and other dogs etc.

Our vets, Pride Park, support our work in every way, and give a free consult to every rescue dog once re-homed; if you wish to have your dog checked (please note if your dog is in need of medication at this time you will have to pay for the medication alone).

If you see a dog you are interested in, please contact us so we can arrange for you to meet the dog. You can then walk the dog on our fields and spend as much time as you like with the dog. If you would like to re-home the dog, we ask you to fill out an Interest Form, this form is then checked over by the manager to check that it is a suitable home for that dog (as all dogs have different needs), all children in the home and dogs must come to meet the dog. if you have a cat we will do a cat test but can only advise on what the dog will be like at home with a cat. If the home is suitable we will do a home check.

We have many supporters such as Pets At Home, Co-op funeral care, Pedigree, Nottingham University, Morrisons, Sainsburys,Tesco, Skinners and many, many more.