Bailey 2yr old, male, French Bull dog

Bailey 2yr old, male, French Bull dog

Brought in as older owner couldn’t deal with his health issues and behaviour.

Bailey is waiting to see a specialist on the 15th June to see if he needs an airway surgery, he will go through a stress test at the vets on that day to see. We are hoping that he will pass the stress tests and not need a surgery but want to get it done just to be sure.

Bailey does have stress sickness, so if he is unhappy in a situation he will be sick, if he is left he will be sick and if over excited he will be sick. This is believed to be more behavioural issue then health but what it means is if you do not keep him happy for at least two hours after eating he brings his food back up and looses weight quickly.

Bailey has been in foster and after a few days developed some other naughty behaviours, with the other dogs in the house he started to guard his human and the sofa, lending to him initiating scarps between dogs. He also attacks your legs when you try and leave him in a room, house or garden.

We do believe Bailey has had some brain damage at some point in his life, most likely at birth. His conformation is extremely bad and he is a very badly bred dog.

He needs a home with no children, ideally as the only dog but we would consider a home with one other dog, if it can cope with being grumped at by Bailey and there are two people in the house, so dogs can have a lap each without any issues being caused.

Bailey does not seem to be bothered by cats.

He needs someone that is home 24/7 so a newly retired couple would be ideal.

He is not insurable so his new home will need to be able to pay for any vet visits he may need in future but after the 15th we will be able to say if he has any long term ones, at present its just behavioural induced sickness.

Fee: £400

Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in Bailey.


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