Benji, Male, 8 Month Old, Cockerpoo

Benji, Male, 8 Month Old, Cockerpoo

Benji was brought in on 3rd March by his family. Benji’s family have tried to work with behaviours he has shown with them, with positive reinforcement with a behaviourist and a dog couldn’t have asked for more from them. But his behaviour was just too much for them, he was taken to their vets to see if the vet could help, the vet just labelled him as dangerous and advised to put him to sleep!! (not helpful vets, please vets advise people to try rescues before killing young healthy dogs. Aware this is not all vets).

We have been told by Benji old owners that he had resource guarding issue in the home with toys and areas, such as the sofa. He disliked to be touched or stroked and would growl or lunge. He disliked anyone trying to put a lead on him, harness or collar, again would growl or lunge. He also had issues being groomed. Benji has bitten in the past. Be a bully towards other dog in home. Benji has been with Me/Sam (behaviourist/kennel owner) in the house since he arrived at the rescue. He has behaved very well, enjoys and asks for contact and cuddles, gives kisses. He has let me groom and clip him with no issues. I am able to take collars off him and put leads on and off but he isn’t happy about harnesses at the moment. He has resourcing issues once he starts to settle over toys, food and items he can steal eg. socks/hats etc. He needs to be totally ignored when he has something and then he soon leaves it, as he was looking for a reaction and if you don’t give him one then he isn’t able to tell you off. He is reactive to noises he doesn’t know where they are coming from, such as voices outside or somewhere in the house and he didn’t know someone was there. In my house he is one of thirteen dogs and I think this has helped him massively to have so many dogs around to keep him busy and control his behaviour.

He will need a home with NO children. A home with multiple dogs or just one other dog but dogs that are real dogs, go out long walks, rough play, strong characters. No quiet lap dogs please as he will just bully these dogs and it will not work out. We may consider a home without other dogs if enough behavioral dog knowledge can be explained by the interested party.

Must be in the Nottingham/Derbyshire area.

Benji has been with us since 3/3/21

Adoption fee is £300

If interested in Benji please email [email protected]


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