Daniel, 3 year old, Male, Labrador x

Daniel, 3 year old, Male, Labrador x

Daniel came to us from Romania at 5 months old where he lived as a street dog.

We have rehomed Daniel a few times but sadly the homes never worked out for him. Daniel is reactive to strangers and is noise sensitive. In his last home we gave the new owner instructions on introducing him to the home and informed them of what will make him react but unfortunately he only lasted the night after Daniel ended up biting severely. This cannot be gone into detail on on here due to legal matters. His other two homes he threatened them but never made any contact.

Daniel has been living with our other Romanian street dog who had similar issues up until the past few months as sanctuary dogs (not up for adoption but living at the rescue) but now a member of staff who joined us in July 2020 has adopted his roommate Sal so we wanted to try and give Daniel another chance at finding his perfect home just like Sal has and so that he won’t be lonely. Sals adoption took months of just seeing each other at the kennel, learning his issues and then fostering before it was all made official and it is likely this will be similar with Daniel, please do not expect a quick adoption as we have to make sure it is the perfect home.

He will meet new people here at the kennels with out much issue as long as you move slowly and don’t spook him BUT once in a home will be extremely reactive to people when out being walked (will lunge at them), visitors to the home is a no go, he is noise sensitive in a home and can react.

He will need months if not years to trust his new humans in a home and will react at you if he is uncertain or didn’t see you coming to touch him until trust is built.

He likes other dogs but would be best with a female dog only and one that is submissive as Daniel likes to be boss.

He can NEVER be near anyone under 18yrs old.

Ideal home would be experienced in street dogs and/or dogs with human reactivity/bite history/other major behavioural issues. They may have some land and an area for him to be outside of the house if it was all to much for him on certain days.

When Daniel trusts you he is the sweetest dog that just wants fuss and lots of treats but if you think you can fix him please don’t enquire, this is him for life. Don’t let the goofy look fool you, he likes us and is extremely happy here, he can stay here for life if he needs to so we won’t be rushing things and don’t be offended if you are turned away

If you can offer a home please email [email protected]

Daniel has been with us since 3.6.2019

Adoption fee is £300

If you are interested in Daniel please email [email protected]



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