Diesel, 6 year old, Male, Lab x Rottie

Diesel, 6 year old, Male, Lab x Rottie

Diesel, 6 year old, Male, Lab x Rottie

Can live with children over 12 years old and possibly live with a female medium to large dog with a few meets here at the kennels.

Diesel was originally rehomed by us in July 2019 but has come back as he gets to over the top with other dogs out on a walk and can be reactive at smaller dogs. This is because when he came to us in 2019 he came from a home that did not walk him or socalise him. So Diesel thinks it is ok to run over to a dog and pick them up, he has never done any physically damage but mentally has worried other dogs and owners by this behaviour. He has been working while back at the kennels and has been meeting dogs and being off lead. He needs to have side by side lead walking introductions first to all new dogs for him to calm down and get used to them, then he is bale to be let off around them. He has a bigger trigger for small fluffy dogs which does take a few meets.

So if you are experienced with large dogs, understand he isn’t a dog to be left off in the local dog walking park but needs to find regular dog friends and to be taken to secure hire paddocks or out into the country side for any off lead walking and you have the want to follow through working with him then please email [email protected]

Been with us since 3/7/20


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