Henry, 18 Month Old, Male, Golden Retriever

Henry, 18 Month Old, Male, Golden Retriever

Henry has come from an extremely loving family, they did all their research to find a good breeder with health checked, hip and elbow scored parents that where treated like family. They read books and researched how to care for a dog and they seeked a trainers help from day one.

But Henry has resource guarding issues and has unfortunately bitten two adults causing them both to need hospital treatment. Henry will not give up items he steals and he hides items as times and if you don’t know he has them hiden (for example under a pillow on a sofa) then he can react.

He needs a home where he can be given boundries and have a routine of when he can and can’t have high value items.

He does love other dogs and did attend doggy day care with no issues but there is always a chance he will resource guard towards another dog in a home, so we would only think of rehoming him with another dog if you have the setup to keep them separate at meal times and when toys/treats are given out.

Henry can NOT live with anyone under 18yrs old or have visiting children to the home.

Please note you will be expected to do at least four visits with Henry and he will not be being rehomed till after the New Year.

If you think you have the time, experience and willingness to get a trainer on board to help with any issues please email us at [email protected]
for an interest form.


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