Meeko is around 7/8 mths old, possibly Labrador/staffie/visla mix, as his chipped was never registered and he came in as a stray, it’s very hard to say. He has only just finished getting his adult teeth through so is very young.

He was extremely nervous aggressive when he was brought in by the dog wardens and it did take us many days to win over his trust. Once he realised he was safe he has took to all staff with no issues.

But we must protect Meeko as he is still nervous of new people and environments, so he needs an adult only home, no children.

He likes other dogs and could live with another dog, following successful meets here at the kennels. He is very excitable with other dogs so any dog he was to live with needs to be able to cope with him.

We have no history on how Meeko has lived, so may need house training, he may chew as still very young, he does need all basic lead training continuing.

Meeko is a big goof ball, he adores cuddles and playing with his squeaky toys.

Please email or pm Sam Babbington if you wish to fill out a form to show an interest in Meeko.


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