Molly, 2 Year Old, Female, Crossbreed

Molly, 2 Year Old, Female, Crossbreed

We were told she is a Labrador x poodle x SBT and is the size of a SBT and muscled well.

Molly came to us as her owner couldn’t keep her anymore.

She is quite nervous when she first meets you but as soon as shes comfortable with you she becomes an excitable girl. She loves a good fuss and loves having a cuddle.

It does take multiple meets for Molly to allow you near her, she will defend herself if you try and touch her when she doesn’t know you. This is fear reacting and could lead to a nip if you don’t leave her to come to you. She is not a dog that you can just let strangers try and touch her or people into her home without putting her in a safe place.

Molly hasn’t ever hurt anyone but out of fear could with bad ownership.

She is a very sweet girl that has been getting on with dogs at the kennels, and could be rehomed with another male dog.

Molly could live with a confident dog savvy cat

Molly will not be able to go to a home with children due to her nervous and unsure temperament around new people. This includes visiting children!

Please email [email protected] for an interest form if you’re interested in rehoming her.


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