Procedure for Adoption

WE WILL NOT BE BACK OPEN FOR THE PUBLIC TO JUST COME AND LOOK AT THE DOGS, it has been far less stressful for our rescue dogs over COVID to not be disturbed all day by dozens of strangers coming to stare and poke at them. So if you are interested in a dog please read below and the dogs details in the album section.

If you are looking for a dog, go to our albums on Facebook and there is a re-homing album for each dog, all dogs in there are available for adoption unless stated at the top of the description or in the comments. If on our website, again each dog has it’s own section. Please be aware we are running on a lot less dogs since Covid as there are less strays and less private hand ins. The only dogs we have ready for adoption are the ones that are posted!

If there is a dog you are interested in please email us using the email provided in the dogs album. We will then send you an application form to fill out.

This form does NOT mean you have reserved the dog as we will take several forms to make sure we find them the perfect home. We will then look over your form within a week along side any other forms on the dog, we take up to 5 forms of interest and we will choose the most suitable home for the dog. This person will be contacted and any other forms we keep on that dogs file incase the person coming to meet changes their mind etc.


Please note we cannot contact everyone after a form is chosen so if you haven’t heard from us within 2-3 weeks it is likely you were unsuccessful.

If your form is successful we will make an appointment time for all family members and any other dogs in the home to come and meet the dog. You can then see their behavioral assessments that are done by staff with animal care qualifications and see if we have any vet information on them. If you are happy with the 1st meet we will then book you a 2nd meet which you can see the dog off lead and send some more time with the dog.

You will also need a home check after a successful 1st meet which will be done by staff or a volunteer. The home checker will contact you to arrange a date and time for this. Gardens MUST be fully secure and fencing at least 5 foot high.

If after the 2nd meet and a successful home check you are still happy we will arrange an adoption date. This again will be a booked time slot, where you will sign adoption contracts and be given vaccination records etc.

We do not hold dogs for weeks if you can not adopt the dog within 7 days please do not show an interest until you are ready for a dog, as we have so many dogs coming in we need to keep things moving.

We can not contact all forms received. We rehome within England, you must be able to travel to us at least 2-3 times within 7-10 days (2 meets at least and the adoption day, this may be able to be done on the same day as the 2nd meet depending on the dog and other appointments we have booked) within 7-10 days.

Adoption Fees

Youngsters up to 1 year – £500

All breeds 1-8yrs – £400

8/9yrs – £300

Senior dogs depend on health issues/condition and money we have to spend on the dog at vets.

All the above include full vaccinations including kennel cough, flea, wormed, identi tag, microchip, spey/neuter and 4 weeks insurance.

We answer the phones 9am until 4:50pm, 7 days a week on 0115 9324576 or email or PM Sam Babbington on Facebook

Address – Babbington Kennels, Westby Lane, Awsworth, Nottingham, NG16 2SS




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