Read if you are wanting to adopt a dog

Read if you are wanting to adopt a dog

Due to COVID and the price of dogs sky rocketing we do not have many dogs coming in for rehoming.

To find out what dogs we have in please join our Facebook page Babbington Rescue 2021, all our dogs are first posted to the Facebook group. They will then be uploaded to the website if they have not reached maximum interest. Please note dogs are currently reaching maximum forms very quickly due to demand.

Full details on up to date fees and procedures can be found in the announcements section of the Facebook group.

The rescue is now being run via appointment only. These appointments are invitation only, you have to have seen a dog you like on our Facebook page/website and have followed the instructions on there to apply. We then take up to 5 forms on a dog and pick one home from these forms. The home that is chosen is then the only people invited to the rescue, if they seem suitable when here we will then follow through with a home check. The other forms will then be contacted and forms are then kept on file for a period of time in case you want to transfer it to a different rescue dog.

Please do not ask for an appointment or turn up at the rescue as you will be turned away.

Many thanks


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