Shadow, 6 year old, Male, Husky

Shadow, 6 year old, Male, Husky

Shadow, 6 year old, Male, Husky

He came in as a stray so we have no history on him.

He could only live with a female dog that is able to cope with him. He could live with children 12+.

He loves people and does cry when left, so will need a home that can work on him being left for short periods.

Shadow has lost some sight in his right eye for unknown reason but this does not effect him.

Shadow gets very over aroused when playing with people and then does try and hump you, it is easy to correct him but he does mouth while doing this, which may put people off.

He also is over aroused by other dogs and immediately wants to hump them which can cause the other dog to become defensive and cause issues. Shadow will need an owner that has the time to take him to training to stop this behaviour. He will be neutered by us next week but this will NOT solve this behaviour, he will need training.

Shadow just loves people and wants to be someones special boy, he really dislikes kennels so please help him find a home asap.

Please email [email protected] for a form to show your interest in Shadow.


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