Snoopy, 3 Year Old, Cocker Spaniel

Snoopy, 3 Year Old, Cocker Spaniel

Snoopy is a 3yr old, male, Cocker spaniel but we believe he has Springer spaniel in him as well.

Snoopy is on about home 4! We aren’t 100% sure but he was brought in by a lovely couple, that tried to do right by him but could not manage his behaviour and with their lives are going to have little people in so, it wouldn’t be safe.

Snoopy is very possessive of items, anything that is on the floor or you drop on the floor is his and he has bitten with puncture wounds due to this.

Due to not knowing all of Snoopys history its hard to say why he has this issue but it is becoming extremely common in spaniels and is likely because they have never been given the right mental stimulation a working breed like Snoopy needs. Walks are not enough for these dogs.

While Snoopy has been in the kennels we have played with him in our play pen with toys and he has been fine out doors sharing but does not share in his kennel.

Snoopy otherwise is a very active, happy, loving boy. He loves to play ball with you and have a good run around.

He likes other dogs, has lived with another dogs with no issues but is fed in a separate room. He has played her with Buddy lose in the play pen no issues.

He can not be rehomed with children.

He is not cat tested but can be.

We rehome anywhere as long as you are able to commit to travelling at least 2-3 times to meet the dog you are interested in. This may be different for certain dogs due to behavioural or medical issues.

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